Willie Wanabee Jig Kit (code#WWJK)

Available in 1/8 and 3/16 oz

$24.95 per kit

kit includes (5) completely rigged jigs w/ silicone &

(5) spare bodies rigged w/silicone

Available colors are:
Black (02), Green pumpkin (06)

Mudpie (33), Root Beer Fantasy (35)

Susquehanna Craw (50), Watermelon (07)

Mustad- Ultra-point, BLN Hooks

* Kit without rigged silicone   $14.95

Cold water temps below 45 degrees usually require smaller presentations. The 2.25” Willee Wanabee is the deal when smallmouth bass get picky and won’t take typical soft-bait presentations. The Willee Wanabee is built on a custom, stand-up football jigs w/ a single, flexible wire guard. The unique placement of the wire-guard in conjunction w/ the central balance of the football jig prevents many snags and maintains a dependable, open hook for the typical,’ mush-mouthed bite of the cold water smallmouth bass. The unique rigging of silicone compliments this specialty jig w/ subtle action w/out causing the jig to be out of balance or appear too bulky.

Watch the incredible action of the Willie Wanabee jig here