Tastee Tube Supreme Kit (#TTSK)
Solid Color Tastee Tube Supreme Kits @ $10.50 per kit
Laminated Color Tastee Tube Supreme Kits @ $11.50 per kit

Tastee Tube Supreme Rigging/Underwater Video

This kit provides one of the most snag -resistant, weighted tubes available today for fishing the various rocky substrates and submerged wooden structure commonplace on our river bottoms. The kit contains 10 solid nose or laminated tubes and 5 Flutter heads w/ the Hitchhiker coil keeper

(2 - 1/8oz and 3 - 1/4oz flutter heads- two of these are pre-rigged in the tubes).

The solid nose of the tube holds the Hitchhiker coil keeper firmly in place. Unlike other rigged tubes giving a pronounced bottom feeling. This rigging technique will not roll over on it's side, providing central balance and roof of the mouth hook-ups.

Laminated Colors
#L-40 Green Pump/Golden Brown Chartreuse
#L-50 Susquehanna Craw/Golden Brown Chartreuse
#L-48 Black/Blue
#L-42 Green Pumpkin/Smoke Black Purple Flake

Solid Color Tubes
1-Green Pumpkin
4- Susquehanna Craw