3/16 or 3/8 oz (Chartreuse)

Specialty Smallmouth Spinner Baits (#SSSB_C)

$6.50 (per1), $6.25 (per 3), $6.00 (per 6)

These two spinner-baits are made especially for smallies in creeks and rivers. Their smaller blade configurations do a good job of imitating the size of baitfish normal found "in-the-flow". Both models have 24k Gold, "Worth" willow blades and American made ball bearing swivels with stainless steel, open R-bend wire forms. They also feature epoxy, 3 color paint, 3-d molded eyes and custom silicone skirts w/green holographic tinsel.  These baits feature Mustad 3/0 and 4/0, Nickel plated-Ultra point spinner bait hooks.

Link to White SSSB Series
All baits come with a blue glimmer hologram grub trailer attached.