Slow-rolling Specialty Spinner Baits
(#SRSSB)  |  $6.50 (per1), $6.25 (per 3), $6.00 (per 6)
3/16 oz. Mustad Ultra-point hooks
Worth ball bearing swivels and 24 K gold, Willow blades
 4 color white or chartreuse silicone skirts

These smallmouth spinner baits are designed for slow-rolling in creeks and rivers. The cone retainer collar keeps the silicone skirts firmly in place.  The blades and head size imitates most baitfish found in creeks and rivers w/out an overbearing size presentation. Their special blade configuration and sizes balances perfectly w/the head design and runs true w/a slow retrieve. The 3/16 oz. spinner bait head permits you to nick bottom rocky structure w/out snagging. You may trim the skirts even w/the bottom of the hook for an effective, smaller profile. These willow blades have a “tight –to-the-shaft” rotation and start spinning instantly .These spinner baits require no trailer and/or trailer hook w/the 3/0 round bend hook and have proven very effective on river smallmouth bass down to 46 degree water temperatures.

All baits come with a blue glimmer hologram grub trailer attached.