Spinner Baits (#CSB)
$6.50 (per1), $6.25 (per 3), $6.00 (per 6)

.040 Stainless Steel Open R-bend wire forms.
2-Worth(mfg) American made ball bearing Custom Spinner Baits swivels, willow blades and 24k Gold Blades
Worth willow blades are known for their instant start plus a tight, wobble free revolution for un-paralleled slow rolling and true running.
Mustad Nickel Plated Ultra Point Hooks
Tri-colored, Epoxy painted heads w/3-d eyes and custom silicone skirts.


All spinner-bait sizes, head colors, blade configurations and skirts are interchangeable.

Please state the color and weight of the head w/the spinner bait# and skirt code when ordering


Click here - Skirt Color Chart
All baits come with a blue glimmer hologram grub trailer attached.