Solid Body Creek Darter SJB
(#SBCDSJ) 3.50"  |  $5.00 per 10 pack
Solid Body River Darter Jr. SJB
(#SBRDJSJ) 3.75"  |  $5.25 per 10 pack
Solid Body River Darter
(#SBRDSSJ) 4.75"  |  $5.75 per 10 pack

Available colors:

#03 Blue Glimmer Hologram
#12 Blue Glimmer Hologram / Chartreuse tail
Side view of correct horizontal nose hooking

Rigging /Underwater footage, Solid Body River Darters
Many times in current and or clear water, a fast, natural sink rate is paramount to your success. Some anglers prefer nose hooking vs. texposed rigging. The durability of older, horizontal nose hooked soft jerk – baits has been poor. These soft baits sink very quickly, producing an extra casting distance, superb darting action and durability. They do not have a hook slot and can only be used w/ a horizontal nose hook. The nose of the darter is re-enforced to resist tearing and early bait loss when bass jump.