Top Water Wink's Walker (TWWW)
Small Sizes @ $12.95


These are two of the most productive size plugs for smallmouth bass-just before the spawn. They are equally effective for post spawn largemouth bass that are still cruising the shallows while starting to feed. It is very important to use snappy, minimum wrist flicks when walking the dog w/these plugs. Three to four left to right walks followed by a 5-10 second pause usually brings aggressive strikes. Do not try to overwork these small plugs – especially w/a stiff spinning rod. A fast, limber tip on a 5 ½ to 6 foot ultra-to – lite action spinning rod works best.
The special nose cup spits & chugs while producing an enticing, spitting walking action.
The special nose cup  creates more fish-attracting splashing sounds  and spitting action on the zigzag retrieve. They have Mustad ultra-point, round bend treble hooks on stainless steel split rings and screw eyes. These plugs sit @ a precise angle (not tail down) to produce consistent walking action on all models through-out various currents. DO NOT use a fluorocarbon leader w/these plugs. The leader will sink and will inhibit the consistent walking action. If these plugs aren’t the best “walk-the -dog” baits you’ve ever purchased, return them in their original package (within 30 days of purchase) for a refund or merchandise credit exchange. Shipping charges are not re-fundable. Damaged plugs w/indentations, creases or bent hooks are NOT returnable.