Shaky Head-Stand-Up Weedless Jigs (#SHSWJ)
5 @ $11.25 10 @ $20.00

Add $1.00 and $2.00 respectively for Gamakatsu flat-eye hooks

Mustad (Mustad Hooks) / Gamakatsu Black Nickel / Needle point hooks
(sizes may be mixed to meet quantity discounts)

Available in 2 styles, weights and hooks
Barbed collars, Mustad light wire/ Ultra-point hooks in 3/16 and 5/16 oz weights
Gamakatsu Flat eye hooks in 1/4 and 3/8 oz weights

This Stand-up Jig is made for use with a variety of soft-plastic worms (w/out salt) for that unique, productive stand-up presentation that bass canít seem to resist. They feature one of the most weedless and stable head designs on the market for bottom presentations thru sub-surface timber, rocky compositions commonplace w/ ledges. Dual barbs and/or the under hook keeper hold your soft plastics firmly in place w/out bunched-up rigging of others. Rigged open hook, the Mustad / Gamakatsu needle-point hooks hold big bass well. They provided better hook ups vs. texposed hooks and other poorly designed shaky head jigs Casting tackle and/or medium heavy spinning tackle is recommended for most fishing situations. The forward positioned, dual -flexible wire guards keep the jig from going under rock ledges and provide excellent snags resistance in submerged wooden structure. The width and angle of these dual wire guards are adjustable and will not interfere with hooking ability.