Shakey Head-Stand-Up Weedless Jig (#SHSWJ)
5 @ $11.25 10 @ $20.00

Mustad / Gamakatsu Black Nickel / Needle point hooks
(sizes may be mixed to meet quantity discounts)

Available in 2 styles and 2 different hooks
Barbed collars, Mustad light wire/ Ultra-point hooks in 3/16 and 5/16 oz weights
No collar Gamakatsu Flat eye hooks in 1/4 and 3/8 oz weights

This Stand-up Jig is made for use w/our Shakey Snake worms for that unique, productive stand-up presentation that bass canít seem to resist. They feature one of the most weedless and stable head designs on the market for bottom presentations thru sub-surface timber, weeds and moderate rocky compositions.
Rigged texposed, the Mustad / Gamakatsu needle-point hooks hold big bass well. Casting tackle and/or medium heavy spinning tackle is recommended for most fishing situations. The forward positioned, dual -flexible wire guards keep the jig from going under rock ledges and provide excellent snags resistance in submerged wooden structure

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