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Rocky River & Smallie Crawlie Kit (#RR/SC)

6 Soft-baits & 1 ea 3/16, 5/16oz weighted swim-bait and hooks w/coil bait holder

$5.95 ea

This 4” salt and scent impregnated soft-bait kit was created w/the special swim-bait hook to navigate thru rocky, river bottom compositions without repetitive snags and lost baits. The two soft-bait designs slide thru and around most river bottom, rocky substrate structure while attracting the attention of crayfish eating smallmouth bass. You will experience less snags then an open hooked or Texas rigged tube using this specially weighted swim bait hook w/these 2 soft-baits and rigging system.  Rigged properly, the point of the Mustad - Ultra point hook lies in the special vertical recess between the ribbed body for weedless/snagless fishing in wood and weeds. The special weighted hook keeps the hook point in an upright position-maintaining central balance.


The kit includes 3/ 4”  Rocky River craws, 3/ 4” Smallie Crawlies and 2 weighted, powder painted swim-bait hooks w/ Hitchhiker coil keeper – 1 in 3/16oz  and  1 in 5/16 oz.


Colors available: 

Black, Green pumpkin, Watermelon, Brown pumpkin Fantasy, BPF/Chartreuse, Black/chartreuse, Roadkill/Camo

Rigging Instructions:

Simply center the coil keeper on the center of the head of the craw, exerting pressure while turning the bait CLOCKWISE. Push the hook point through the bait and rig exposed in the recessed grove. To remove, push the hook point out of the bait and turn the soft-bait counterclockwise.