River Rascal Short-arm Spinnerbaits (#RRSB)

$5.99 ea w/ hand tied skirt and 2 grub trailers
$5.49 ea w/2 swim-bait trailers

River Rascal - YouTube Informational Video


This petite, 1/4oz. spinner bait that runs & drops straight w/o rolling over.

* Built on a custom .040 s.s. wire frame w/ Worthball bearings swivels/ blades.

* Ultra sharp, nickel plated hooks.

* Brilliant, epoxy coated, hard alloy head w/ 3D eyes.

* Exclusive, molded keeper holds all soft-baits securely.

* 24k gold or premium nickel blades (no#1 or #2).

* Custom grub and/or swim-bait trailer

* Owner hooks are available @ an extra cost.

This spinner bait has quickly become a favorite of river anglers. "Slow-roll" or retrieve as a "pull and drop" bait, raising your rod slowly, 6"-12'"and then letting the bait drop on tight line. Set the hook w/ any light tap on the drop or feeling of extra weight on the slow roll retrieve. One dedicated grub or swim-bait trailer is included w/ each bait.