River Darter Swim Bait Series

All three models run true & fall straight without rolling over

Swim-baits are very effective for both Smallmouth and Largemouth bass under a variety of water conditions, temperature and clarity. They produce in both moving and still waters. I have created proven, 3 & 4 color, laminated swim-baits in four sizes w/ dedicated -various styles of weighted heads. Using the custom, weighted hooks is paramount to your success. These swim-baits have an attractive profile and most important- realistic swimming tail action on the drop-even @ the slowest of retrieves & fall. Each size has its individual characteristics and custom rigging w/ specific, dedicated weighted hooks. All swim-baits run true and straight on the retrieve w/out rollover that is maintained on the fall - when rigged w/the recommended, weighted hooks.

River Darter Swim Bait Series Links    3.00"  |   3.75"  |   4.75"

River Darter Swim Bait Colors and Sizes Availability  (#RDSB/bodies) | 10 pack

  Color Name Quantity Price
1 #17 Smoke Hologram Glitter 10 pack $9.95
2 #50 3 color laminated alewife shad 10 pack $9.95
3 #51 3 color laminated gizzard shad 10 pack $9.95
Special order only - Possible two weeks for processing
4 #RD1 The Amazing Dace 10 pack $13.95