4" Rigged Creature (#R.C. 4.0)

7@$9.50  |  20@$19.50


1/8 or 1/4 oz. internal football head

3/0  /  4/0  Mustad Ultra-point hook

Side view of rigged creature w/exposed line tie

and 3/0 Mustad Ultra-point hook

Simply tie your leader end to the exposed eye and start fishing this unique, solid- bodied, pre-rigged crawfish imitation. The salt and scent impregnation causes smallmouth & largemouth bass to hit and hold. The precision -cut tails undulate with the slightest movement. Central balance by design keeps the internal, 1/8 - 1/4 oz. football head and 3/0-4/0 Ultra-point hook in an upright position for excellent hook sets. Available in 5 productive and well-proven colors for varied water clarity conditions Use the "buggy-whip" technique if the bait becomes snagged in rock piles. THE RIGGED-CREATURE PERFORMS BETTER IN A LAKE ENVIRONMENT W/MIXED, NATURAL ROCKY BOTTOM COMPOSITIONS. USE THE UN-RIGGED CREATURE “TEXAS RIGGED” FOR BOULDER INFESTED RIVERS W/MODERATE CURRENT TO REDUCE SNAGS AND LOST BAITS.


THE BUGGY-WHIP TECHNIQUE  (to un-snag your lures)

Before starting to pull hopelessly after a snag and breaking-off the lure (this only sets the lure harder into the snag) use the “buggy-whip “ technique. Hold the line away from your body in your left hand (about elbow height). Pull your fishing rod up to the 12 0’clock position with your right hand. The line will make a tight V from the reel to your outstretched left-hand and back to the 1st guide. Whip your rod forward (like whipping the horse) while simultaneously letting go with the left hand (your line should make a snapping sound).  Do this 5-12 times if necessary. This will save many lures.