10" Predator Swim'n Worm Kit
(#10PSWK)  | 

Watch the 10” Predator Swim’n worm in action

The kit includes 10 (ten), 10” worms.  4 (four), reduced snag, painted & weighted swim-bait hooks- 2 in each size (3/16 and 1/4oz) including the Hitchhiker coil keeper w/ a Mustad 6/0and/or 7/0, BLN- Ultra-point hooks.
These specialty  weighted  hooks offer the angler the option of fishing these worms shallow to deep depths- through lily pads, submerged wood , deep water ledges and submerged  rock piles. Rig Tex-posed and needle stick 1/32" of the tip of the hook back into the worm when working through wood and weeds They are easier and much faster  to rig vs. the Texas rigged worm and give you the ultimate  performance in snag resistance  w/ a natural swimming action as they descend in the water column.

Optional, laminated colors are available an an extra charge
WORMS ONLY 10 pack 1 color $3.25 (per 10 worms)