Precision Poppers w/ Bucktail (TWPP)

Small @ $15.95

Large @ $16.95

The ultimate wooden popper. Proven color patterns and sizes with hand-tied buck tails that stay on the hook, fish after fish. The wood has been sealed prior to painting. The unique cup creates a fish attracting spitting and popping disturbance  with a minimal of wrist movement. These plugs also have limited "Walk-the Dog" action w/ the Oval split ring. The "enduro" epoxied finish stays on the plug cast after fish after cast after fish! The wide gap Mustad Ultra-point, BLN treble hooks compliment the bait w/sharp and durable hook holding ability w/stainless steel components keeping them in precise location (w/o rusting). The smallmouth size is deadly in creeks and rivers while the larger diameter largemouth popper spits and pops 'em up in lakes.