New Specialty Spinner Baits

#005- Double Trouble:

This 3/8oz. or 1/2oz. Spinner bait has become a favorite of river smallmouth bass anglers. The combo of the 24K gold & hammered nickle willow blade displays a unique flash in stained & clear water that big smallmouth bass can't resist. The blue glimmer custom grub trailer is a proven winner w/chartreuse models, $6.25 each.


#006- The Night Stalker Series:

It's no secret that custom Spinner Baits is geared toward smallmouth bass that feed in heavily stained/muddy water at night in moving water during the summer months. These two "short-arm" spinner baits are a favorite w/ the pull and drop retrieve. The blade rises straight up and spins completely on the drop. You can feel the vibrations of the single blade through you rod and down to the handle. Set the hook on the slightest "tick' on the drop. Available in 3/8 and 1/2oz. models, $5.75 each.


#007 - The Night Stalker Series:

The venerable single spin is available in 3/8 and 1/2oz; Complete w/ grub trailer and a #5 black blade, this bait is a standard "after dark" spinner bait for anglers, $5.25 each.

#008 - The Night Stalker Series:

Here's the tandem favorite among the "night-bite"anglers. Built on a 1/2oz. body, this bait emits maximum vibrations w/ the #4 & #5 Colorado blades. Equally effective for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, $5.95 each.