Mustad #91768 Ultra-point weighted Swim-bait Hooks (#WSBH)

5/0-6/0: 5pack@ $5.25   |   7/0: 5 pack @ $6.00
Available in 5/0, 6/0 and & 7/0 hook sizes: 3/32---1/8---1/4---5/16 oz. weights

Here are the weighted swim-bait hooks that simplify rigging. Simply screw the coil keeper clockwise into the head of the bait and rig the hook exposed. No need to re-tie when rigging a new swim-bait. Simply unscrew the bait counter clockwise.

Repair your torn swim-baits w/Mend-it Swim-bait repair glue

Q. How is Mend-It! different than all of the “super-glue” products out there?
A. First of all, Mend-It! is not a glue! Mend-It! simply re-catalyzes the plastic. Mend-It! does not leave hard spots in your bait like super-glues do, Mend-It! keeps your baits soft and natural as if they were new again. Mend-It! doesn’t stick to your fingers, only to your soft plastic baits. Mend-It! leaves no residue at all and most repairs are invisible!

Q. Is Mend-it easy to use?
A. Mend-It! “melts” the soft plastic which is why it works so well.Simply apply Mend-it to both sides of the torn soft-bait w/the enclosed applicator brush and hold the bait together for 20 seconds then let the bait sit for 3-5 minutes. The bait will have the internal/external  strength of “BRAND-NEW”!

TWO CONVENIENT SIZES- (in glass bottles w/ applicator tip)
Small 1/2 oz bottle --- $7.00 ea | Large 1 oz bottle --- $12.00 ea

*Special- save $1off each size of Mend-it when ordered w/ weighted swim-bait hooks