3/8 & 1/2 oz Mega bite-Wide gap Weedless Bass Jig (#MBWGJ)
$2.00 ea, w/ 2 Magnum rattles and 2 soft-bait-trailers
$1.75 ea, w/ 2 soft-bait-trailers

Watch rigging and underwater action videos here.


Exclusive, no-slip skirt collar

Magnum rattles are glued into custom skirt collars before final assembly onto the jig

This is the ultimate weedless bass jig. The bullet shaped head w/its vertical line tie slips through the toughest, horizontal subsurface wood and vertical weed beds. The 30 strand fiber weed guard is placed on a precise angle to deliver outstanding weedless performance while depressing quickly to expose the 4/0 Mustad Nickel plated, Ultra-point hook for the best hook sets and holding performance available. The magnum rattles are glued into their collars to stay there-fish after fish! The exclusive skirt collar keeper holds the silicone skirt in place when ripping the jig through weeds. These jigs have central balance, stand upright w/my floating plastic trailers; with and without rattles. The claws will float 1-1/2" up off the bottom in a defensive position when the jig is at rest. The trailers have excellent vibrating and flapping action for swim-jig presentation.

Flippin' 40 Jigs

Flippin’ 40’s jigs are the same as mega –bite jigs except they have 40 strand fiber guard for flippin’ in heavy, sub-surface wooden structure.

Basic Flippin’ 40’s jigs

Completed Flippin' 40 Jigs

Available floating trailers