5 1/4" Magnum Stick Worm (#MSW5.25)
$5.50 per bag (quantity 10)
(fully rounded)

These worms are not just another Senko knock-off. They are heavier w/salt, sand and scent impregnation. They are soft, yet stronger w/ exceptional side to side shimmy with an enticing tail wiggle on the horizontal, do-nothing drop. A 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook rigged Texas style is a popular way to rig this worm.

I recommend using the Mustad, Ultra-lock worm hooks (size 4/0) for these Magnum Stick worms. The ultra-point/locking hook rigged texposed, will hold the worm in place (without bunching or sliding up or down the hook) throughout contact w/ weed beds, submerged wood and when “skip” casting under docks and trees w/out the use of any type of glue!

Mustad Ultra Lock Worm Hooks (#MULWH)
Size 4/0, 5pk @ $3.50