Top Water Wink's Walker (TWWW)
Large Sizes from 4" - 5" @ $18.95

The special nose cup spits & chugs while producing fantastic walking action. The special nose cup is similar too but smaller then a popper. This creates more fish-attracting splashing sounds on the zigzag retrieve. Used are Mustad ultra-point, round bend treble hooks on stainless steel split rings with screw eyes. These plugs sit @ a precise angle (not tail down) to produce consistent walking action on all models through-out various currents. DO NOT use a fluorocarbon leader w/these plugs as it will inhibit the exceptional walking action. If these plugs aren’t the best “walk-the -dog” baits you’ve ever purchased, return them in their original package (within 30 days of purchase) for a refund or merchandise credit exchange. Shipping charges are not re-fundable. Damaged plugs w/indentations, creases or bent hooks are NOT returnable.

Please refer to the June 2006 HOT-NEWS article for tips on “Walking-the-Dog”.