4" Lake Wacky Worm (#LWW4)  |  10@5.95  | (with "O" ring installed)

4.5" Lake Wacky Worm (#LWW4.5)  |  10@5.95  (with "O" ring installed)

Wacky Worms can be an incredibly productive bait fished under the proper conditions. Spring water temperatures from 60 degrees upward thru summer maximum temperatures and declining back into the mid-60’s in the fall are usually the most productive. Slip a #2 - 6 Gamakatsu finesse hook thru the worm, under the "O" ring and out the other side of the the worm (exposed). The baits sink themselves with no additional weight and are salt & scent impregnated with sand added for weight.  Watch your line as the bait slowly sinks for any sideways movement. For deep water or windy conditions, adding a 1/16-1/8 oz. Water Gremlin crimp –on bull shot weight, 6” above the hook, helps to maintain contact w/the bait on the fall while removing excessive slack line during the drop.