G&W Krinkle-Cut Worm Kit
Price Per Kit $15.95 (ordering code-G&WK)
(1/16, 1/8oz, 3/16oz)

Available in: #02 Black, #06 Green Pumpkin, #07 Watermelon, #33 Mudpie
#35 Root Beer Fantasy, #50 Susquehanna Craw

1- Very effective for cold water/winter SMB
2- Excellent 1/16oz. football jig / summer low water
3- Awesome when fished as a drop-shot rig

Video Link Krinkle-Cut Worm

This kit includes 4 double barbed, single wire rock guard and two open hook painted football jigs.

This worm will raise tail high w/ exciting undulating tail action depending upon various bottom substrate as illustrated in illustrated in this video

G&W Krinkle - Cut Graphic

Soft-baits and jig sold separately here:

Worms only (20 pack) $9.95 Code #KCWO

Painted Football jigs (no wire guard-open hook)
1/16, 1/8oz. and 3/16oz. $7.50 per 10 pack with #1 Mustad Ultra-point BLN hooks Code #FBJ-KCWO

Double-barbed, flexible wire rock guard models
10 pack $19.95 (1/8 oz.) Code #FRGM

Available colors:

Watermelon (#07) ,Green pumpkin (#06),

Mudpie (#33) and Black (#02)

The G&W worm is designed to be used w/ the provided #1 hook on a 1/8 oz. and 1/16oz. football jig. The tail and body floats upward, off the bottom creating a natural, fish attracting wiggling action @ rest. The use of any hooks larger than #1 is NOT recommended. The football jig gives this bait central balance, the best action and positive hook-ups.