Internal "O" ring Wacky Worm Kit (#IORWWK)
4 1/4" Worm Kit @ $13.99
5 1/4" Worm Kit @ $14.99
(worms only)- 10pack w/ internal "0" rings  $6.99

Wacky Worm Rigging/Underwater Video

Available Laminated colors
*Green pumpkin/watermelon - *Black/Blue -
*Green pumpkin/golden brown charteuse

The kit contains 2 1/16 oz. and 2 1/8oz. #WRSWH
(Wacky reduced snag weighted hooks) w/ 4/0 Mustad ultra-point hooks and 1 5/0  Gamakatsu Weedless Wonder Hook.

This kit will take your wacky worm fishing to the next level. Internal “O” rings for durability and. excellent action on the fall. ! The #WWH is used for a slow fall in 3-4 foot depths and the #WRSWH for moderate to deep water depths. Fish them in submerged wood and weeds w/ excellent,reduce snag performance w/ dependable hook-ups.