3 1/2" Flutter Head combo pack w/
W.W. & C.W. Smallies Delight Soft-baits

(#FHCP) | Kit@$37.95

Kit w/o rigged silicone bodies (16) and 9 non-rigged flutter jigs $19.95
Kit includes 8 complete jigs / 8 spare soft-baits w/ rigged silicone plus 1 spare flutter head

Mustad Ultra-point BLN (Black Chrome) hooks w/Hitchiker coil keeper

Available in 1/8 & 1/4 oz. jig weights
Available colors: #02 Black, #06 Green Pumpkin, #07 Watermelon, #24 Brown Pumpkin Fantasy, #32 Roadkill/camo and #33 Mudpie

C.W.S.D style (Video Link)

Here's the ultimate kit for reducing snag performance the 3 1/2" soft-bait jigs for smallmouth bass in river, creek and lake fishing. The proven design of the salt & scent impregnated C.W. and W.W. Smallies Delight 3 1/2" soft-baits have earned a place in every serious anglers jig arsenal. The flutter heads slip through most difficult rocky bottom structure with 70% less snags then open hooked baits. The texposed, Mustad, Ultra-point hook provides positive hook sets-even for the cold-water, mush mouth bite of lethargic smallmouth bass. The hitchhiker coil keeper holds the head of the soft-bait firmly in place. The unique placement of the multi-colored, silicone skirt strands, secured with an "O" ring, provides life-like action to the jig-even in a stationary position. These jigs are effective for cooler water periods.

W.W.S.D style (Video Link)

The standard kit includes 4/ W.W.S.D. and 4/ C.W.S.D. soft baits w/internally rigged silicone strands-rigged on painted, flutter jig heads in the weights of your choice. The kit also includes 8 additional, soft-bait replacement bodies (w/rigged internal silicone strands), 4 of each style AND one un-rigged, painted flutter jig heads in the weight of your choice

(Check out YouTube Video)