Finesse Craw Kit  (#FKC)
$15.95 per kit

Here’s a popular and effective finesse jig for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. All 3 types of trailer rise up from the bottom 1" to 1 1/2" w/lifelike movement on a  pause in the retrieve.The jig excels working through weed bed edges, submerged trees and moderate rocky bottom structure.


* 5 completely rigged jigs w/trailers 
* 3- 3/16 oz. and 2- 5/16 oz. jigs
* 5 additional soft-baits trailers w/o jigs
* Choice of three different types of trailers

Available colors: 
Black, Black & Blue, Green pumpkin & Brown Pumpkin fantasy

These JIGs feature:

  • Mustad BLN Ultra-point 4/0 hook

  • Stand-up bullet head design

  • Choice of three different types of soft-bait jig trailers

  • Hand-tied, multi-colored silicones layers compliment action

  • S. S. dual flexible wire guards adjustable, extremely durable

  • Resilient and resistance to bending and kinking

  • Best among any weed guard material currently on market
    - Angle and spread easily adjustable

  • Powder painted heads for durability

  • Dual barb collar holds the soft-bait trailer firmly in place

  • Purchase jigs heads only-each $2.50 (quantity 6) $2.25 ea