Enticer Stand-up Weedless Jig (#ESWJ)
5 @ $9.75 10 @ $16.50 20 @ $25.00
1/8oz. - 3/0 hook 1/4oz. - 4/0 hook  3/8oz. - 5/0 hook


Mustad –Black Nickel / Needle point hooks
(sizes may be mixed to meet quantity discounts)

This Stand-up Jig is made for use w/our Wonder Worms for that unique, productive  stand-up presentation that bass can’t seem to resist. They feature one of the most weedless and stable head designs on the market for bottom presentations thru sub-surface timber, weeds and moderate rocky compositions.

The patented “HitchHiker®” trailer holders are molded into the head of the powder painted jig head. The 4 coil, tight corkscrew design is superlative for holding soft-plastics in place while contacting submerged timber, rocks and weeds. The Mustad needle-point hooks come thru the worm easily on the set and hook / hold big bass well. Casting tackle and/or medium heavy spinning tackle is recommended for most fishing situations.


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