Rigging & Underwater footage-Slotted River Darter Series
3.75" & 4.75"

River Darter Jr. Soft jerk-bait

 (#RDJ.SJ) 3.75"  |  $4.25 per 10 pack

River Darter Sr. Soft jerk-bait

(#RDS.SJ) 4.75"  |  $4.75 per 10 pack

Available colors:
#03 Blue Glimmer Hologram
#12 Blue Glimmer Hologram / Chartreuse tail
#18-Smoke Hologram Glitter

  • They have a solid nose and the belly hook slot for easy rigging and positive hook sets.

  • Internally weighted with salt and sand for one of the fastest sink rates available today.

  • The vertical tail gives this bait a natural profile, action on the fall plus exceptional darting action w/o rolling over.

  • The Mustad BLN,#91768 Ultra-point -sizes 2/0 thru 4/0 w/ Hitchiker coil keeper works best when weedless action is desired.

  • Click here for picture and pricing for these hooks.