Cold Water Hare's Delight Jigs (code#CWHDJ)

Available in 1/8 and 3/16 oz

$3.25 ea with trailer attached

Available colors are:
Black, Brown, Olive

Mustad- Ultra-point, BLN Hooks

Minimum Order 6

3 Spare, dedicated plastic trailers included

Rabbit hare jigs, cold water and Smallmouth bass are like peanut butter and jelly- they simply go together. Typical, open hook ball jig type hair jigs have three problems I.M.O.
  1. they get snagged frequently
  2. ball jigs can roll onto their side causing missed hook sets
  3. using the correct trailer for balance and productivity can be tricky
The C.W.H.D. is built on a custom, stand-up football jigs w/ a single, flexible wire guard. The unique placement of the wire-guard in conjunction w/ the central balance of the football jig prevents many snags and maintains a dependable, open hook for the typical, mush-mouthed bite of the cold water smallmouth bass. The partial Willee Wanabee trailer compliments this specialty jig w/ subtle action w/out causing the jig to be out of balance and roll over on its side. Cross-cut rabbit hair is wrapped on the hook shank for quivering, breathing action w/ the slightest movement /current. Spare trailers are supplied w/ the jigs. Watch the incredible action of the C.W.H.D. jig here.