3.75" Creek Wacky Worm (#CWW3.75)  |  10@5.95

These worms were designed specifically for the smallmouth creek fisherman. They are salt / scent impregnated and heavily weighted w/sand to provide you w/the perfect sink rate for shallow creek and river applications w/no additional weight required. Dead drifted w/an occasional twitch, smallmouth bass in creeks go “bonkers’ over these baits from mid-July thru the early fall water temperature drop to the mid 50’s. They’ll produce when all other presentations fail providing you’re fishing them in front of smallmouth bass. The installed “O” will give you the ability to make longer cast and keep the smallmouth from throwing them off w/their spectacular jumping ability. Use the Ultra-point Mustad BLN-1/0 Octopus beak hook.  Scent and salt impregnation make the fish hang on! The installed "O" ring enables you to catch numerous fish per bait.

Smallmouth bass in creeks usually take these dead-drifted worms with one light tap.  WAIT: they will then swim off (usually up current) with the bait. Just start reeling if you are your using the Octopus circle hooks for a "corner of the mouth" hook set.