Check out YouTube Video - Targeting Coldwater Bass with Soft Plastic Jigs

Available in 1/8 or 1/4 oz. powder painted football heads w/Mustad 2/0 - Ultra-point hooks

$11.95; includes 5 Complete Jigs with Silicone

$11.95; includes 5 Complete Jigs with Silicone

$11.95; includes 5 Complete Jigs with Silicone

All C.W.S.D (Video Link) & W.W.S.D.(Video Link) trailers have internally rigged, multi-colored silicone layers that give these innovative jigs life-like movement during your presentation. Football jigs provide the ultimate in bottom feel and stability. These popular and very effective 3 1/2 salt and scent impregnated soft-baits excel for smallmouth bass in rivers, creeks and lakes. They are equally effective for largemouth bass-especially during the fall when lake water temperature decline form the 60 degree mark into the 50s. These open-hooked jigs work best on pea gravel bottoms w/ round rocks, boulders and gentle ledges. Slab rock and jagged ledges are best fished (for reduced snag performance) w/these popular, weighted flutter head.

COLORS: #02 Black, #06 Green Pumpkin, #07 Watermelon, #24 Brown Pump/Fantasy, #32 RoadKill/Camo, #33 Mudpie