Bubba Spin Magnum Spinner Baits

Ordering Code #BS/msb

Price $6.50 each (w/ nickel plated willow blades)

Price $7.50 each (w/ 24K gold willow blades)
Available in:  3/4, 1.0 oz. weights in white and chartreuse
Watch the Bubba Spin in Action

Bubba spin is for serious "hawg" hunters. The standard model is finished w/nickel plated blades- either single willow or tandem Colorado /Willow combinations.

The heads are painted with 3 /color epoxy paint. The long shank, 5/0 Mustad ultra-point hooks requires no trailer hook. You can bang into submerged trees or slow roll Bubba in the depths for exciting, big bass action. These custom spinner baits are built correctly to accommodate the larger no# 6&7 willow blades and run true on their .040 stainless steel wire shafts. The custom, silicone skirts and 3-d eyes compliment Bubba’s realistic finish and appearance.

$6.50 for models w/ nickel plated willow blades

$7.50 for models w/24K gold willow blades