Bronze Bush Whacker (short-arm) Spinner Baits 

Ordering Code #BBWSB  |  Price $5.50 ea
Available in:  1/4, 3/8, 1/2 oz.

This special “pull & drop” single bladed spinner bait excels for river smallmouth and largemouth bass. Reel it up to a large boulder or ledge and let it drop on a tight line. Watch your line and/or be ready for a light tick or wrist wrenching strike. Epoxy painted w/ 3d eyes and superior quality American ball bearing swivel w/24K gold-plated or premium nickel plated blade. The 4-color silicone skirt compliments this bait that is built on strong, .040 stainless steel wire. The special bend permits the blade to helicopter and spin freely as it drops. You can feel every rotation of the blade on the pull. Black bodies, skirts and # 4 & 5 black, painted Colorado blades will also be available for muddy water and night fishing opportunity. The blade options in either nickel or gold are:


1- Colorado blades, sizes - #2 thru 5

2- Willow blades, sizes - #3 & 4

3- Olympic blades, sizes - #2 thru 5