Bluff Buster 3/4" oz Football Jig (#BBFBJ)

Mustad Ultra-point Hook-H.D-Dual, flexible & adjustable Wire guards. Custom colored silicone skirts and trailers

Complete Jig with trailer & skirt, $2.50 ea

Bulk discount, Jig Bodies w/skirts only, Only (no trailers) quantity 6- $2.00 ea

Watch rigging and underwater action videos here.

Stand-up design/ forward positioned wire guards helps jig through various substrate/ minimal snags


Forward view of un-obstructed hook point


Custom collar accepts skirt w/ collar & double barbs that hold plastic craw trailer in place without glue

Completed jigs

Custom trailer claws float up @ rest and also provide a vibrating, flapping action for swimming jig & drop presentations