3" Baby Stickworm (#BSW3) & Ned Rig Weights
12 @$3.95 - Solid Colors | 12 @$4.95 - Fire Tails


 Excellent results can be obtained rigging this worm drop-shot style w/any of the aforementioned hooks. The worm has a enticing side-to-side swimming motion when use w/a constant, slow retrieve.



This has become popular and very effective for bass-especially for smallmouth bass in creeks, rivers and lakes. Simply put, the Ned rig is a small plastic rigged on a light jig head, almost like an ultra-finesse shaky head. This technique can imitate a wide variety of forage, based on color choice and presentation.

Productive presentations include-


Straight swim* Drag and Shake* Drag and deadstick* Hop and bounce.


You can select any size weights in sizes 3/32oz, 1/8oz, 5/32oz and 3/16oz. in a 5 pack for $4.99. Powder painted w/ 1/0- 2/0 Mustad Ultra-point hooks. Most popular hook kits (for river fishing) are 2- 1/8oz, 2-5/32oz and 1- 3/16 oz. weighted hooks. These work well w/ the 3" Baby stick worm (2/0 hook), Stone Catties, 3'' River Darter swim-baits & G&W Krinkle-cut Worms (1/0 hook).

The mushroom jig heads will stand straight up on the bottom when paused.