Baby Predator Craw
(#BPC2.5) |
$11.95 per kit

Available colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Mudpie, Root Beer Fantasy & Susquehanna Craw

The kit includes:
* (5) 2 1/2" rigged Baby Predator Craws on Stand-up football jigs w/ the single, flexible wire-guard
* Doubled barbed Mustad BLNneedle-point hooks (two 1/8 and three 3/16 oz. stand-up football  jigs)
* (5) Rigged Complete and (5) spare Baby Predator Craw Bodies.
* Reduced snag, flutter heads are now available in 1/8-3/32 and 1/16ozs.

Here’s an excellent crayfish presentation for creek and colder water river presentations. Used w/ the included jig heads, this soft bait features life-like claws and antennae that rise up from the bottom presenting the bait in a defensive position.