1/2oz Pro's Soft~bait Glue (#PSBG)  |  1@$9.99

PRO’s Soft-Bait GlueŽ will end the annoying problem of plastic baits sliding down the hook shank and/or up the line when casting or fighting a fish.  One drop of PSBG solves the problem.  The product dries odorless and non-toxic, plus it stays flexible.  The glue will not dry out in the bottle or applicator neck for one full year providing it’s kept out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. A paperclip maybe used after unscrewing the top to unclog the tip area, if necessary.  Store the bottle in your freezer when not in use between weekly fishing trips for maximum extended use.

This glue has the consistency of water (do not squeeze hard to apply). Invert, if necessary, use very light pressure.  Periodic soaking of the tip in acetone (for 15 minutes in a closed glass container) removes all build up and leaves the applicator tip like new (cover the open bottle with a piece of masking tape while soaking the tip).

 This product maybe purchased through us with your order.