How to Watch Virtual Reality Porn

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To watch virtual reality porn, one must have a minimum package of devices and software. Obviously, anybody can watch a VR movie or play a VR video game in a big shopping mall where such technologies are presented to the public for the sake of entertainment. However, no one will be watching a VR porn movie in the mall. Therefore, you must have a powerful PC, laptop, tablet, or at least a smartphone that you can use at home. Next, you must have a reliable and stable speedy Internet connection. If you porn video lags, we doubt you will be very pleased with this.

The next thing you have to do is buy a VR device. This can be a DIY kit, VR glasses, or a VR helmet. If you are an advanced fan of technology and also porn, and you can actually afford it, you can definitely buy yourself a helmet and enjoy the experience. In other cases, perhaps a cheaper option like glasses will do better.

If you have never tried VR technology before, and you are not really sure will you like it in general or not, and will you like watching VR porn in this device more than once, or maybe you don’t want to waste your money on such a toy, consider buying a DIY kit. It allows to construct primitive VR glasses of plastic or cardboard, and you will check a VR porn movie on your smartphone.

After you have all these things, go and find a VR porn video. It is always better to choose a reliable and non-spammy website, so consider Pornhub or something like that. Chances of finding a VR porn video on a big and popular website are much higher than on a smaller website.

It really makes sense to look for subscription on VR porn videos on the website. Even if you are not going to actually buy a subscription, they can offer you a test-drive, that is a free version of access to the content available for those who buy a subscription. Such free of charge access is usually provided for a week or so. Even if they do not have this free version, you can still check out some test VR porn they offer to watch as an example. Some random VR porn videos just found on the site can be too short, low quality, and outdated.

After you have bought, downloaded and installed everything, it is time to check out the technology. The main advice here is to make sure you are alone in the whole apartment or house during at least an hour. just being alone in the room will not do, because you are likely to be totally isolated from all distractions and will not notice that your Mom or spouse entered the room.

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