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Virtual reality gadgets are widely used for entertainment, like watching VR movies, playing video games online, and also playing specialized interactive games in the VR centers. This technology because very popular due to its ability to create a highly realistic illusion. This is especially exciting and fun when playing interactive games, or drawing in virtual reality. Online video games are also interesting and engaging because they give more options while interacting with the location, and make the player more immersed into the game, which results in deeper satisfaction from the achievements inside the game.

All virtual reality devices, in general, suggest that you are watching the video or playing a game online. Some people prefer downloading the videos and watch them in this mode, but there is no crucial difference. However, if you have a very advanced virtual reality helmet, you definitely should make sure you have a quick and stable Internet connection because such helmets must be connected to your PC or the console. In some models, this can be done by using a cable, but in most highly technologic VR headsets the connection between the helmet and the console is conducted with the help of WiFi.

Online connection while using virtual reality technology can be applied to live to stream. If you are watching a movie or playing a cool VR video game, and you actually have potential audience that might be interested in your experience, you can connect the VR helmet and the device you play on to the Internet and stream the whole process of watching or playing online, live, with your comments, and you can even communicate with the watchers at the same time.

There are numerous YouTube channels that offer reviews on different online games and video games. The owners of the channels often conduct live streaming to provide their audience with the real feel of the game and show some nuances. However, the most advanced of such YouTube bloggers already use the online connection via the virtual reality camera, which turns such a game review into something even better than a Hollywood movie.

Such reviews are much more popular than usual videos because they offer a new level of enjoyment and is also more informative. So if you are interested in making reviews, or showing somebody how you play a VR game, you can use the online connection via the VR camera. If you share the gaming experience with your friends, you can also conduct in-game communication via the VR camera connected to the Internet. This will be more convenient than the chat on the screen.

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