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It is generally believed that men like watching porn more than women. The ratio is about 70% to 30%. However, there may be a research bias, because, firstly, some women are reluctant to confess that they watch porn from time to time, and tell what they like ball sucking and why. On the other hand, some women state that they generally like porn, but almost do not watch it, because they are disgusted by the violence against women often demonstrated in movies focused on males. However, after most well-known and popular porn sites have added “female-friendly” sex videos without any hint of violence, the percent of female users on these sites is expected to increase.

It is difficult to state who likes porn more in general categories because it all depends. For example, one can state that in US people watch it more than in India, but in India, there are more highly religious people for whom this is unacceptable. Also, in the US more people have access to the Internet than in India. So the discussion about who likes adult content more can be a long one, but the thing is, with virtual reality videos, the situation is very different.

Virtual Reality Porn

It can be stated that 99% of people who actually watched virtual reality porn confessed that they liked it! It all is due to technology. The technology of virtual reality creates an amazing imitation, a realistic illusion that makes the person believe he or she is in the middle of the action, not just an observer. Because of the quality and peculiarities of image, sound, and isolation from distractions, the technology makes the human brain perceive the image seen as if it is real and experienced by the person in reality.

Even those who are not a big fan of sex videos in general state that watching VR content was one of the greatest experiences they had, at least with technology and digital forms of entertainment, purely due to the effect of teleportal into a different location in a matter of seconds.

It must be mentioned that virtual reality porn is shot, and therefore watched as if through the eyes of one of the participants, and it is usually a male actor. In this regard, there is again a kind of discrimination against women, because there are few VR sex videos where the user watches the events as if on the part of the female model. So not so many women will be able to enjoy such an experience as if it was real sex.

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