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Virtual reality porn is so popular today and in such a demand that more and more people get to know about it, and obviously more and more people would like to try it out. While it is totally possible for almost everybody to watch a VR movie or play a video game in one of the big shopping malls where such novelties are usually represented to the public for entertainment, nobody will offer you to watch VR porn in the mall. Therefore, the only option to check the benefits of the VR porn movies is to watch them in the privacy of own room, or better home. But for this, you definitely need a VR device.

VR device is any device that allows watching VR video (porn, specifically) with all the pros of it. You can simply open any big and visited porn website, find a VR porn movie there and watch it without glasses, but you won’t see any virtual reality effect, just a double picture and a weird angle of shooting. So VR device is obligatory.

There are generally three types of VR devices – DIY kits, glasses, and helmets (or they are also called headsets, which is basically the same thing). DIY kits are cheap and affordable kits that allow you to construct primitive VR glasses from plastic or cardboard, download a special software on your smartphone, put smartphone inside the helmet in front of the lense, and watch VR porn. This is a cheap variant and therefore you should not expect some extra quality with it. However, this is a good option for people who cannot afford a better device, or who are not sure they will actually use it often enough to make it worth buying.

The next device that differs much in construction, quality and also price from the DIY kit we have just discussed above is virtual reality glasses. These are manufactured glasses which are bigger than the DIY kit, smaller than the helmet and yet still look pretty monstrous. VR glasses provide a better quality of image and sound, and also they offer some level of isolation from usual distractions always present when one watches porn on his laptop in the room. VR glasses are not the best option because there are VR helmets available on the market, but VR glasses have one serious advantage – they weight less than the helmets, and this can be considered a pro by many users.

VR helmets are currently the best devices for enjoying the VR technology to its fullest. They are the most complicated, the biggest, the most expensive, and also the heaviest. Another important issue is that most helmets need to be connected to the PC or console, and you need special software on both pieces. However, the quality they offer is definitely worth the price and additional bothering. Vr helmets create an unimaginably realistic illusion of being inside the video and feel as if you are one of the participants of the action, not just a third party watching other people having sex. One serious disadvantage, as it has already been mentioned, is the weight of the helmet. Some helmets can weight up to a kilogram. However, let’s be honest – most users lay comfortably when watching porn, or at least sit in a chair where they can relax, so the weight of the helmet is not likely to be a great problem.

There are the devices available for watching or porn videos. Choose the one that suits your wallet and expectations the most, and enjoy!

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