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Online Connection Via VR Camera

Virtual reality gadgets are widely used for entertainment, like watching VR movies, playing video games online, and also playing specialized interactive games in the VR centers. This technology because very popular due to its ability to create a highly realistic illusion. This is especially exciting and fun when playing interactive games, or drawing in virtual reality. Online video games are also interesting and engaging because they give more options while interacting with the location, and make the player more immersed into the game, which results in deeper satisfaction from the achievements inside the game. read more

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Can Virtual Porn Replace Sex?

It is generally believed that porn is harmful to the sex drive and also for relationships in couples because the users become addicted to porn and find usual coitus not so attractive and pleasing. This is partially true because it is about usual porn that makes the viewer see the action in the adult video from the third party. If the viewer develops the addition to such content, this is because he gets used to watching adult content as a witness rather than a participant, and as the result, he cannot get sexual arousal without watching other people having sex. read more

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Who Likes VR Porn More

It is generally believed that men like watching porn more than women. The ratio is about 70% to 30%. However, there may be a research bias, because, firstly, some women are reluctant to confess that they watch porn from time to time, and tell what they like ball sucking and why. On the other hand, some women state that they generally like porn, but almost do not watch it, because they are disgusted by the violence against women often demonstrated in movies focused on males. However, after most well-known and popular porn sites have added “female-friendly” sex videos without any hint of violence, the percent of female users on these sites is expected to increase. read more

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How to Watch Virtual Reality Porn

To watch virtual reality porn, one must have a minimum package of devices and software. Obviously, anybody can watch a VR movie or play a VR video game in a big shopping mall where such technologies are presented to the public for the sake of entertainment. However, no one will be watching a VR porn movie in the mall. Therefore, you must have a powerful PC, laptop, tablet, or at least a smartphone that you can use at home. Next, you must have a reliable and stable speedy Internet connection. If you porn video lags, we doubt you will be very pleased with this. read more

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Choose VR Device to Watch VR Porn

Virtual reality porn is so popular today and in such a demand that more and more people get to know about it, and obviously more and more people would like to try it out. While it is totally possible for almost everybody to watch a VR movie or play a video game in one of the big shopping malls where such novelties are usually represented to the public for entertainment, nobody will offer you to watch VR porn in the mall. Therefore, the only option to check the benefits of the VR porn movies is to watch them in the privacy of own room, or better home. But for this, you definitely need a VR device. read more

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